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Known Unknown

Known Unknown x Pr%f & Stock Cold Brew Coffee Vermouth (500ml)

Known Unknown x Pr%f & Stock Cold Brew Coffee Vermouth (500ml)

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“I think the Negroni is the perfect cocktail because it is three liquors that I don’t particularly like. I don’t like Campari, and I don’t like sweet vermouth and I don’t particularly love gin. But you put them together with that little bit of orange rind in a perfect setting… It’s just: It sets you up for dinner, in a way it makes you hungry, sands the edges off the afternoon. In an after dinner, it’s settling. It is both aperitif and digestive. It’s a rare drink that can do that.” - Anthony Bourdain

Part of our daily routine here at Known Unknown is to stop by local coffee roastery Proof & Stock and pick up a morning coffee… Now as well as starting the day with coffee we can also finish off the night with one and our collab cold brew coffee vermouth. Made with Hawkes Bay Syrah and Cabernet Franc infused with ground coffee and then fortified with spirits, herbs, and aromatics and sweetened with an orange syrup before being aged further on whole beans. Intense coffee, red fruit and spice on the nose and palate with a hint of smoke this is the ideal sipping vermouth but is also great with tonic or in a negroni (we recommend a high-proof barrel aged gin).

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