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2022 Tangerine

2022 Tangerine

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First released in 2020, Tangerine is our flagship orange wine. From the now destroyed Petane vineyard this wine is a co-ferment of Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer with a splash of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. The addition of Gewurtz to the blend has give the wine a little more focus and a core of lychee, rose and musk to balance the weighty, fruit-driven Pinot Gris. It's got a lovely saltiness and clean acidity making the wine extremely food friendly. Finally, true to it's name and the varieties used it has a deep tangerine colour. It is, quite simply, orange wine. 750 bottles made.

"An orange hued appearance with aromas of ginger spice and dried citrus peel scents, it is an exotic and new bouquet, individual and with personality. A smooth touch on the palate with moderate acidity and flavours that reflect the bouquet, there’s a VA layer that some may find distracting, as a Sommelier the challenge is to find the perfect food match that challenges some of the elements on the to then showcase the attributes that make this wine shine." - Cameron Douglas MS

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